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Compass, 2023


The Southern Way McClelland Commission

Venue : M11 Peninsula Link at Cranbourne Road, Langwarrin, VIC Australia

Year:  2023

Media:  powder-coated steel


Dimensions: 4m x 4m x 14m



Compass 2023 is a simple steel line-drawing sculptural based on the navigation pillars of North, South, East and West. Placed with these orientations in mind, the smallest semi-circle points due North. The structures have also been developed to echo freeway off-ramps and turning circles. Placed to produce a parallactic effect, the arcs create a visual conundrum at certain vantage points, and the viewer doesn't know which way the arcs face.


Utilising spatial and material conundrums, my work creates a chasm between what we think we know and what we perceive, hoping to heighten an awareness. The fundamental implication here is that we all play a role in authoring our world.


The Southern Way McClelland Commission is an ongoing program of new sculptures that alternates every two years between sites at Skye Road and Cranbourne Road along the Peninsula Link freeway, resulting in a total of 14 commissions over the 25-year period to 2037. Southern Way generously donates funding for the sculptures. After four years on public display the sculptures are relocated to McClelland at Langwarrin as part of its permanent outdoor sculpture collection.

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