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Picture This, 2004


Picture This was an interactive installation, which physically modified and manipulated the space, and was designed to actively navigate the viewer throughout the site. With no referential point of origin, the viewer becomes lost within the perceptual depth. The laws that govern visual perspective, such as vanishing points, were also distorted. The existing floor was manipulated and framed into various representations. For example, the original tiles alongside an image of the floor were framed and exhibited side by side. This directly altered the optical field and created an interactive deception between the real, the virtual and the imitation of both. The spatial disruption not only affected habitual recognition, but also induced a new perceptual disturbance.

Venue and exhibition: Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia 2004, curated by Vivienne Webb

Year: 2004

Media: existing floor, fabricated walls, mirror, architectural cuts, plasma screen, theatre lights, wood


Dimensions: Variable


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