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Automated Logic, 2006

Automated Logic 8.jpg
Automated Logic_1.JPG
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Automated Logic 3.JPG
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In Automated Logic sections of ACCA’s walls were removed, excavated and rearranged to reveal the pictorial aspects and materiality within the original architecture. Mirror and periscopic devices were placed within newly created passageways, encouraging an interactive participatory experience. Each peephole or pathway was employed as a viewing chamber that actively invited a new perceptual awareness of the space and the body’s interaction with it. In a large box, made of the same material as the building’s inner layers, a piece of ACCA’s wall 'floated' on an illusory plane.

Venue and exhibition: NEW 06, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), 2006, curated by Juliana Engberg


Year: 2006

Media: Architectural cuts, plywood, theatre lighting, glass, mirror, fabricated walls, purlin, metal struts


Dimensions: Variable


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