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Threefold, 2015

International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in collaboration with El Museo de Los Sures presented ThreeFold, an installation that directly engaged Los Sures, both as a subject and pictorial object. The site, an intimate sized street-level gallery on the ground floor of a low-income housing unit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was the focus of the  investigation. Continuing a study of spatial perception, phenomenology and self-representation this installation created a new site within a site through devices such as a mirror, glass, architectural cuts, peepholes, live video projections and lights.The front room and entryway to Los Sures was transformed into a fully immersive sculpture of optical illusions into which visitors entered, seeing themselves refracted and reflected as they passed through the work. Modest building materials were used for optical effect to create a new perceptual experience of the site itself. Curated by Melissa Amore.


Year: 2015

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