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Through to You, 2008
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In Through to You, two modular windowpanes, made from coloured glass, were placed adjacent to a mirror pane. As the viewer moved around each pane his/her torso became disfigured, and subsequently replaced by another’s body. This perceptual effect was made possible by the illusion that the mirror surface appeared as a glass panel. It was a two-fold operation, whereby the viewer became both observer and observed and in effect, this actively encouraged an interactive dialogue with other participants.

Venue: Lange Voorhaut, The Hague, The Netherlands


Exhibition: The Hague Sculpture 2008; 
FREEDOM, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Curated by Marie Jeanne De Rooij
Year: 2008

Medium: Mirror, glass, steel and stainless steel

Dimensions:  244 x 183 x 1000 cm



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