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Yellow, 2011



Yellow 2011 consisted of two dynamic layers. Firstly, periscopic devices framed a large-scale fabricated passageway creating a continual reversal within the space and producing a self-reflexive image of the viewer. The viewer actively “saw themselves see” throughout the space. Secondly, the ACCA surveillance camera, which provides access to Ron Robertson-Swan's sculpture Vault, was re-activated as a live-feed image and placed within the space. In an attempt to reinforce the concept of bringing the outside inside and re-addressing notions of “interior” and “exterior” spaces, the yellow palette extracted from the sculpture was also translated into a lighting device, saturating the entire space into an optical ganzfeld. It was employed as a backdrop, for an illusory effect, as well as to create an enhanced perceptual experience. NB: Yellow 2011 was a 're-enactment' of an earlier work, titled Yellow 2003 curated by John Neeson for Projects One at VCA gallery, in which a walk-through installation headed to a peep-hole mirror view (also of) Vault.


Venue: ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)

Power to the People: Contemporary Conceptualism and the Object in Art, ACCA, Melbourne, Australia, 2011, curated by Hannah Mathews

Media: Mirror, theatre lights & gel, fabricated walls, live video feed, plasma screen 


Dimensions: Variable

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